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Prevent and Avoid Covid-19 in your workplace


The impact of Covid-19 continues to stretch beyond the sphere of healthcare, as the global economy suffers tremendously with governments around the world implementing fiscal measures to mitigate its effects and provide relief on its people. Businesses have been forced to abandon their familiar old ways of working, in favor of more streamlined , emergent alternatives. For this reason, those that have inculcated change in their culture are more likely to not only survive this crisis, but also thrive.

Study reveals that sustainable solutions developed during a crisis results in an long-term positive impact on your business, as opposed to cutting back on innovation budget. One such solution that has been widely embraced, in an effort to reduce the spread of the deadly corona virus and whose value was untapped, is equipping your workforce to work anywhere at any given time. What then happens when the operation of your business is solely dependent on the physical presence of your employees?

With the reopening of most offices, organizations have opted to retire systems that are most likely catalyze the spread of the virus in the work place. Such may include finger-print recognition biometric systems, hence compromising on security. Extra costs have also been incurred on purchase of thermometer guns and personnel to handle the same. This however, does not have to be the case. With technologies such as the Zkteco Touchless Biometric Scanner, which not only supports facial recognition, but also has temperature detection  and mask detection functionalities, the risk of the spread of the virus will reduce drastically, and help prevent infections straightly at each access point. What better way to stop or avoid the spread of corona virus at your workplace while keeping your premises secure from unauthorized access?


Zkteco Touchless Biometrics Scanner




SpeedFace-V5L [TD] is a  Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminal,using intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology. It supports both facial and palm verification with large capacity and speedy recognition, as well as improves security performance in all aspects.

SpeedFace-V5L [TD] adopts touchless recognition technology and new functions namely temperature detection and masked individual identification which eliminates hygiene concerns effectively. It is also equipped with ultimate antispoofing algorithm for facial recognition against almost all types of fake photos and videos attack. Importantly,the 3-in 1 palm recognition (Palm Shape, Palm Print and Palm Vein) is performed in 0.35 sec per hand; the palm data acquired will be compared with a maximum of 3,000 palm templates. 

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